F&ES 765b / 2013-2014

Technological and Social Innovation in Global Food Systems

Credits: 1 to 3

Spring 2014: M,W, 4:00-5:20, M-KRN 321; W-KRN G01
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As the effects of climate change take hold and the global population continues to increase, global food systems are currently facing an unprecedented array of challenges from natural resources scarcity to social justice issues. When addressing the problems facing today’s global food systems, the need for re-thinking the status quo and encouraging both technological and social innovation has never been more apparent.

This interdisciplinary course will examine emerging technologies and innovations primarily within food production, distribution and retail sectors. The technologies and innovations will be analyzed in terms of both the environmental and social risks and benefits they pose. Lecture content will focus on four commodity-based case studies as much as possible. 

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