F&ES 763b / 2013-2014

Translating the Science of Wildlife Conservation into Practice

Credits: 3

Spring 2014: W, 6:00-8:50, Kroon 321
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Focusing on the application of wildlife science to on-going conservation initiatives, this advanced seminar examines selected, in-depth topics on wildlife conservation across the globe.  It draws on students’ strong background in ecology (including concurrent registration in Os Schmitz new course on Conservation Science) and prior examination of international conservation issues (completion of FES 760 Conservation in Practice: An International Perspective).  Topics include determination of wildlife objectives, complications of temporal and geographical scales, wildlife in the context of culture, and the economics and financing of wildlife conservation.  Each seminar session will include examination of case studies, and each general topic will include structured debate and/or role-playing to enhance the emphasis on applied conservation.  Students may enroll for either 2 or 3 credits: two credits are granted for successfully completing all discussion-based work, while three credits are granted for students who also write a final paper. Student participation and leadership are key to the seminar given that all sessions are discussion-based, center on the sharing of ideas and experiences, demand challenging current thinking, and frequently led by students.
Limited to 10
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