F&ES 761b/INRL / 2013-2014

Food Security and Agriculture Development

Credits: 3

Spring 2014: M,W, 9:00-10:20, Kroon 319
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This seminar focuses on issues of food security in developing countries in the broader context of the changes that are occurring in the agricultural sector at the local (individual farmers, households), community, national, and global levels. As the food industry transforms, who is being included and who is being left out? What are the implications for smallholder producers and consumers? What are the relationships between agricultural development, food security and poverty reduction? To what extent is there increasing volatility in food markets? And finally, what other factors, especially security and conflict issues, affect food security? Gender issues are integrated throughout the  course topics. The course readings draw heavily on materials in economics and agricultural economics, supplemented with relevant policy documents and articles from other disciplines

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