F&ES 760b / 2013-2014

Conservation in Practice: An International Perspective

Credits: 3

Spring 2014: Tu,Th, 5:30-6:50, Kroon 321
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This 3-credit seminar will be taught by Dr. Amy Vedder (FES McCluskey Fellow), and will focus on the practice of wildlife and wildlands conservation: examining key topics from the dual perspectives of academic literature and actual field experiences, bringing together interdisciplinary thinking, and drawing on examples from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the U.S.  The thematic outline of the seminar is organized around three fundamental questions in nature conservation: What are we trying to save -- and why?  How is this being done -- and how has it changed over time?  What lessons are we learning -- and what overarching issues remain problematic?  Specific topics will include: how different players define and value wildness, selection and prioritization of conservation targets, comparisons of various species and landscape conservation approaches, and governance and decision-making in conservation, including ties between conservation and development and community-based conservation.  Student participation and leadership will be key, since the seminar will be discussion-based and approximately half the sessions will be led by students having researched specific topics in greater depth.  Evaluation will be based on participation and a final paper. 

15 students
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