F&ES 680a / 2013-2014

Forest and Ecosystem Finance

Credits: 3
Fall 2013: Th, 8:30-11:20, Sage 24
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Understanding the tools used in financial analysis is an important component of successful forestland investment and forest management decision making. In addition, as new ecosystem services markets develop, these skills become even more critical in determining those management strategies that are both ecologically sound and financially viable. This course provides students with a basic suite of financial tools used in the acquisition and management of forestland/timber as well as in the management of ecosystem services. It includes an overview of traditional financial analysis metrics used in land acquisition, timber management, and risk management. It also applies these metrics in ecosystem services markets, which allows students to assess the financial impacts of various management choices. Concepts are reinforced through spreadsheet-based exercises and case studies. Prerequisite: F&ES 578b or permission of the instructor. 

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