F&ES 578b / 2013-2014

PSC: Financial Concepts for Environmental Management (Mar 4 - Apr 22)

Credits: 1

Spring 2014: Tu, 6:00-8:00, Bowers
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Course Overview: Financial Concepts aims to expose environmental students to the financial concepts used by companies to make and evaluate business decisions.  The class will be useful for those who expect to work in the for-profit sector, but also for managers in the non-profit and public sectors who seek to work with, and influence, for-profit entities.  The class will cover:

  1. Key financial statements of for-profit businesses
  2. Building financial projections for a business, project or investment
  3. Financial markets: what they are and how they operate
  4. Investors: the tools they use to evaluate potential investments
  5. Common valuation techniques: uses and limitations

The class structure will tie in and reinforce all these concepts by using recurring companies and situations for in class examples, outside homework and a final class project. 

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