F&ES 515a / 2013-2014

Physical Science for Environmental Management

Credits: 3
Fall 2013: M,W, 1:00-2:20, Sage 24
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This Foundations course seeks to provide students with the physical science basics that they need in order to understand and manage environmental problems. The course draws on the following disciplines: climatology, environmental chemistry, geology, hydrology, meteo- rology, oceanography, and soil science. Focus is on understanding both the underlying concepts and how they apply to real-world environmental challenges. Useful both as a freestanding course and as a gateway to a wide spectrum of intermediate and advanced courses. Three hours lecture, weekly problem sets.

Knowledge of the concepts covered in this course is essential to success in FES elective courses in the subject areas of water resources, soil science, and climate and atmosperhic sciences.

F&ES 515 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 709: Soil Science
F&ES 710: Coastal Governance
F&ES 733: Synthesizing Environmental Science for Policy

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