F&ES 700b / 2012-2013

Alpine, Arctic, and Boreal Ecosystems Seminar

Credits: 3

Spring 2013: Tu,Th, 4:00-5:20, Greeley
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Biogeoclimatic analysis of these systems worldwide with special attention to biogeography, biometeorology, physiology, histology, morphology, autecology, and silviculture of high-elevation and high-latitude forests through lectures, guest lectures and discussions, student seminars, and field experience. One-and-one-half-hour lecture weekly. Student contributions are one or more seminars and a term paper. Prerequisite: F&ES 656b or permission of the instructors 

Prerequisites for F&ES 700:
F&ES 656: Physiology of Trees and Forests
or permission of the instructors.
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