Suggested Courses for Fall 2018

We at F&ES believe that, as the environmental leaders of tomorrow, we have the responsibility to not just become experts in our areas of interest.
We also have a responsibility to be aware and knowledgeable of the history, intentionality, positionality, and the many (positive and negative) possible consequences of our work.
As members of the F&ES, we ask that you be courteous to every person in our community. Further, we ask you to be considerate of everyone’s experience and perspective, including those of your F&ES colleagues, your New Haven neighbors, and the subjects of your work. This is a surprisingly difficult challenge, one that requires that you take it upon yourself to further your education and understanding of issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class, power, privilege, colonialism, and other dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that gaining a strong background in these areas will allow you to better carry out your work in a fully conscious and humble manner. Thankfully the greater Yale academic community provides many opportunities for you to delve into these topics. Below is a list of courses that may be of interest to you.

Please note that many of the below courses are cross-listed under multiple departments and schools.

  • AFAM 213: Medicine and Race in the Slave Trade; W 3:30-5:20p; C. Roberts
  • AFAM 231: Sex and Gender in the Black Diaspora; TTh 1:30-2:20p; R. Barnes
  • AFAM 305: African American Autobiography; MW 11:35a-12:50p; S. Mahurin
  • AFAM 399: Race and Capitalism; T 1:30-3:20p; A. Carico
  • AFAM 738: Readings in African American Women’s History; M 1:30-3:20p; C. Feimster
  • AFAM 763: Methods and Practices in U.S. Cultural History; M 1:30-3:20p; M. Jacobson
  • AFST 333: African Encounters with Colonialism; MW 11:35a-12:25p; D. Magaziner
  • AMST 133: Introduction to American Indian History; TTh 11:35a-12:25p; N. Blackhawk
  • AMST 188: The Colonial Period of American History; TTh 1:30-2:20p; M. Peterson
  • AMST 345: Latinx Ethnography; W 3:30-5:20p; A. Ramos-Zayas
  • AMST 354: Music and Resistance in the Modern United States; Section 1: M 1:30-3:20p; Section 2: TBA; L. Caplan;
  • AMST 408: Race and Comedy; T 3:30-5:20p; A. Laguna
  • AMST 422: Writing Tribal Histories; T 1:30-3:20p; N. Blackhawk
  • AMST 439: Fruits of Empire; W 1:30-3:20p; G. Okihiro
  • AMST 450: Islam in the American Imagination; M 1:30-3:20p; Z. Grewal
  • AMST 637: Transnationalism and Mobility: Theories and Paradigms; T 3:30-5:20p; I. Grewal
  • AMST 777: Histories of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the United States; Th 9:25-11:15a; S. Pitti
  • AMST 878: Problems in the History of Medicine and Public Health; W 1:30-3:20p; J. Warner
  • ANTH 322: Environmental Justice in South Asia; Th 1:30-3:20p; K. Sivaramakrishnan
  • CPLT 8721968@50: Latin American Languages of Liberation; W 3:30-5:20p; M. Fradinger
  • ECON 475: Discrimination in Law, Theory, and Practice; W 9:25-11:15a; G. Jaynes
  • EDST 144: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; MW 3:30-4:20p; G. Kao
  • ENGL 115: Literature Seminars: Black Lives in American Lit; TTh 4-5:15p; T. Kreiner
  • ENGL 115: Literature Seminars: Literature Labor & Climate Change; MW 9-10:15a; K. Lindskog
  • EP&E 267: Social Movements; M 7-8:50p; Staff
  • EPH 507: Social Justice & Health Equity; T 3-4:50p; T. Kershaw
  • ER&M 200: Introduction to Ethnicity, Race, and Migration; TTh 1-2:15p; A. Camacho
  • ER&M 300: Comparative Ethnic Studies; Th 1:30-3:20p; Q. Tran
  • ER&M 380: White America; T 3:30-5:20p; A. Carico
  • F&ES 520: Society and Environment: Introduction to Theory and Method; M 9-11:50a; M. Dove
  • F&ES 772: Social Justice in the Global Food System; Th 1-3:50p; K. Reynolds
  • F&ES 826: Foundations of Natural Resource Policy and Management; M 1-3:50p; S. Clark
  • F&ES 839: Social Science of Conservation and Development; T 1-3:50p; C. Carpenter
  • F&ES 898: The Environment and Human Health; T 1-3:50p; M. Bell
  • GLBL 376: Asia Now: Human Rights, Globalization, Cultural Conflicts; Th 1:30-3:20p; J. Tsu
  • GLBL 386: The Politics of Human Rights Law; W 1:30-3:20p; T. Sanchez
  • GLBL 529: Sexuality, Gender, Health, and Human Rights; Th 9:25-11:15a; A. Miller
  • HIST 150J: Healthcare for the Urban Poor; Th 9:25-11:15a; S. Abedin
  • HIST 342J: The Middle East and the West: A Cultural Encounter; W 3:30-5:20p; A. Amanat
  • HIST 748: American Conservatism in the Twentieth Century; M 9:25-11:15a; B. Gage
  • HMRT 400: Advanced Human Rights Colloquium; Section TBA: Staff
  • MCDB 065: The Science and Politics of HIV/AIDS; TTh 2:30-3:45p; R. Bazell
  • MUS 573: Jazz, Race, and Gender in America; Th 9:25-11:15a; T. Duffy
  • PLSC 027: From Protest to Power: Social Movements in Comparative Perspective; TTh 4-5:15p; L. Barlow
  • PLSC 534: Theories of Distributive Justice: Formal Models of Political Theory; Section TBA; J. Roemer
  • PSYC 755: Research Topics in Intergroup Relations; Section TBA; J. Richeson
  • REL 927: African American Religious and Political Thought; T 1:30-3:20p; C. Granby
  • REL 934: Ecological Ethics and Environmental Justice; M 6-8p; C. Granby
  • RLST 309: Religion and Capitalism; T 9:25-11:15a; L. Hulsether
  • SOCY 138: The Corporation; MW 1:30-2:20p; D. Rogers
  • WGSS 207: Gender, Justice, Power, Institutions; MW 3:30-4:20p; I. Grewal
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