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Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise and Coastal Erosion in Northwest Alaska

A collaborative project with four Inupiaq Eskimo villages in northwest Alaska (Kotzebue, Kivalina, Selawik, and Deering) to assess regional vulnerability to sea level rise and coastal erosion. This study integrated participatory GIS mapping of key subsistence resources with geomorphological and hydrological analysis, with the aim of developing a new index of vulnerability, integrating physical parameters of risk with locally determined social, economic, and cultural valuations. A series of risk and vulnerability maps were constructed to guide local decision-making and adaptation to climate change. 


Public Views of Climate Change in the Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska (public survey)

Gorokhovich, Y. & Leiserowitz, A. (2011) Historical and future coastal changes in Northwest Alaska. Journal of Coastal Research. DOI: 10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00031.1

Gorokhovich, Y., Leiserowitz, A., & Dugan, D. (2014) Integrating coastal vulnerability and community-based subsistence resource mapping in northwest Alaska. Journal of Coastal Research, 30(1): 158-169. DOI: 10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-13-00001.1

Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Adaptation in Northwest Alaska (original scoping report)


RELATED: The first statewide survey on Alaskan climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, policy preferences and behaviors: Leiserowitz, A., & Craciun, J. (2006). Alaskan Opinions on Global Warming (No. 06-10). Eugene: Decision Research.