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Vulnerability & Resilience

December 09 2009

International Public Opinion on Climate Change Video

The below video is a result of a collaboration with the Gallup World Poll on an annual global survey including questions on climate change in 150+ countries worldwide. The first results were presented at the Copenhagen Climate Summit.



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Topics: Attitudes & Beliefs International Surveys Knowledge / Climate Literacy Risk Perceptions Vulnerability & Resilience
July 28 2009

From Red to Green? Environmental Attitudes and Behavior in Urban China

In June–August 2007, the Horizon Research Consultancy Group, one of the largest survey research companies in China, conducted a survey in 10 major Chinese cities selected to represent a diversity of geography and economic development across the...

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Topics: Vulnerability & Resilience
May 01 2007

Misinterpretations of the “Cone of Uncertainty” in Florida during the 2004 Hurricane Season

This article reviews the evolution, communication, and differing interpretations of the National Hurricane Center's “cone of uncertainty” hurricane forecast graphic. It concludes with a discussion of this graphic from the perspective of risk...

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Topics: Media Risk Communication Risk Perceptions Vulnerability & Resilience
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