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April 26 2012

The legacy of “climategate:” Revitalizing or undermining climate science and policy?

The release of emails from a server at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) in November 2009 and the following climategate controversy have become a topic for interpretation in the social sciences. This article picks out some of the most...

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Topics: Media Policy Support Politics / Elections Trust
December 11 2011

Do Americans support an international treaty on climate change?

On December 11 at the Durban (South Africa) Conference on Climate Change, the world agreed  to extend the Kyoto Protocol and begin negotiations on a new global treaty that will require all countries (developed and developing) to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In a national survey completed in November 2011, we found that a large majority of Americans (66%) support signing an international treaty requiring the US to cut emissions 90% by 2050.

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Topics: Attitudes & Beliefs Health Knowledge / Climate Literacy Media Risk Communication Risk Perceptions
November 02 2011

Climate on cable: The nature and impact of global warming coverage on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC

This study examines climate change coverage on the three major cable news channels and assesses the relationship between viewership of these channels and beliefs about global warming. Evidence from a content analysis of climate change coverage on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC during 2007 and 2008 demonstrates that Fox takes a more dismissive tone toward climate change than CNN and MSNBC. Fox also interviews a greater ratio of climate change doubters to believers.

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Topics: Attitudes & Beliefs Media Trust
August 28 2011

Attention to science/environment news positively predicts and attention to political news negatively predicts global warming risk perceptions and policy support

Contemporary science and environmental news coverage of global warming increasingly portrays scientific consensus. Political news coverage of global warming, however, typically portrays controversy. We hypothesize that attention to science and...

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Topics: Media Policy Support Politics / Elections Risk Perceptions
May 06 2011

Changing Planet Town Hall

In 2011, the YPCCC co-organized a live town hall entitled "Changing Planet" hosted by Tom Brokaw in partnership with NBC Learn (the education arm of NBC News), Discover Magazine, Yale's Office of Public Affairs and Communications, and the National Science Foundation.

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Topics: Attitudes & Beliefs Health Media Sustainability Values & Religion Youth / Families
May 04 2011

The science of satire: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report as sources of public attention to science and the environment

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report have attracted much interest in recent years from popular audiences as well as scholars in various disciplines. Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been named on Time magazine's list of the...

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Topics: Emotion / Affect / Imagery Media Trust
October 27 2010

Partisan Views of Climate Change

Americans’ Knowledge of Climate Change reports results from a national study of what Americans understand about how the climate system works, and the causes, impacts, and potential solutions to global warming. Among other findings, the study identifies a number of important gaps in public knowledge and common misconceptions about climate change.

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Topics: Attitudes & Beliefs Citizen Behavior Knowledge / Climate Literacy Media Policy Support Politics / Elections Risk Perceptions Trust
July 02 2010

Climategate, Public Opinion, and the Loss of Trust

A working paper that examines the impact of Climategate on public perceptions of climate change and climate scientists, drawing on a national survey conducted in December 2009 and January, 2010.  In brief, we found that Climategate had a...

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Topics: Attitudes & Beliefs Media Trust Values & Religion
June 23 2010

Miami Roundtable on Climate Science for Broadcast Meteorologists

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Topics: Media Risk Communication
October 19 2009

Finding the teachable moment: An analysis of information-seeking behavior on global warming related websites during the release of The Day After Tomorrow

This paper investigates how the mass media may influence information-seeking behavior through an analysis of how the release of the movie The Day After Tomorrow, a fictional depiction of global warming causing catastrophic natural disasters...

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Topics: Attitudes & Beliefs Citizen Behavior Health Media Risk Communication
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