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August 05 2011

Peak Oil, Public Health and Climate Change

Peak Oil, Public Health and Climate Change

The American Journal of Public Health just published an article about how Americans respond to framing 'peak oil' as a public health problem. YPCCC Director Anthony Leiserowitz and collaborators Matt Nisbet (American University) and Ed Maibach...

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May 06 2011

Changing Planet Town Hall

In 2011, the YPCCC co-organized a live town hall entitled "Changing Planet" hosted by Tom Brokaw in partnership with NBC Learn (the education arm of NBC News), Discover Magazine, Yale's Office of Public Affairs and Communications, and the National Science Foundation.

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October 19 2009

Finding the teachable moment: An analysis of information-seeking behavior on global warming related websites during the release of The Day After Tomorrow

This paper investigates how the mass media may influence information-seeking behavior through an analysis of how the release of the movie The Day After Tomorrow, a fictional depiction of global warming causing catastrophic natural disasters...

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January 01 2005

American Risk Perceptions: Is Climate Change Dangerous?

This article describes results from a national study (2003) that examined the risk perceptions and connotative meanings of global warming in the American mind and found that Americans perceived climate change as a moderate risk that will...

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