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气候传播国际会议 International Conference on Climate Change Communication 2013

For the full program including speakers, please download the PDF.  Please also stay tuned for links to speakers' presentations and photos.


Opening Ceremony and Welcome

The State of the Science of Climate Change

Situating Climate Change Communication: Scholarship

Climate Change Audiences: Public climate change knowledge, perceptions, policy preferences and behavior

Climate Change Communication Strategies

Concluding Speeches


Climate Change Messengers

Clilmate Change Communication Channels

Case Studies I:  A Global Effort to Communicate Climate Science and the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report; Climate Change Commitments: Implementation of Climate Change Policy and Increasing Public Awareness in EU Member States; China's First Low Carbon Day: an example of a public campaign

Case Studies II: Climate Change and the Russian Media; Environmental Journalism in China; The Climate News Network; Boradcast Meteorologists as Climate Communicators

Case Studies III: Health Canada's Climate Change and Health Communications Approach; Seeds of Knowledge - UNEP's Climate Change Solutions Program; Communicating to Encourage Action, Not to Scare

Case Studies IV:  Campaign on Forests as Carbon Sinks in China; The Climate Action Coalition in China (the C+ Campaign); Climate Change Adaptation in China

Concluding Remarks and Next Steps