SIG Career Event Support

CDO can provide support in these ways:

  • Suggesting speakers and visitors as needed;
  • Support in publicizing the event;
  • Setting up resume drops or interviews;
  • Providing financial assistance for a coffee chat or light lunch, up to $150.

To Apply:

  • Application for F&ES CDO Support of SIG Career Event, 2014-15
  • Awards will be confirmed within two weeks of receiving email notice of application

Requirements for Funding

  • Promotional materials (emails, flyers, postings) must include a tag line–With support from the F&ES Career Development Office.
  • CDO (Kathy Douglas, via e-mail) must receive all details on the event for newsletter publicity purposes by the Wednesday one week BEFORE the event.
  • Organizers must submit one picture and a minimum one-paragraph report on the event.
  • Support can be arranged ONLY by transferring funds to a PTAEO.  Please work with Mariann Adams ( 203.432.5126/ Kroon Hall 103) to arrange this either before the event or within 10 days of the event.

2014-15 Program Highlights and Examples

  • CDO collaborated on 10 student-initiated career events this year with 8 different SIGS and 2 student groups.  
  • A few examples:
    • Forestry Careers Panel. SIG Sponsor: SAF
    • Alumni Career Talk with Maya Breitburg-Smith, RESOLVE. Student Group Sponsor: Mediation Mavens
    • Returning Student Internship Panel, or Westies Beer Talks. SIG Sponsor: Westies
    • Michael Frodl, C-Level Maritime Risks Consultancy. SIG Sponsor: Asia SIG
    • Conservation Careers Panel.  SIG Sponsor: ConBio
    • Salary Negotiations for Women, presentation by AAUW. Student Sponsor: Lily Sweikert
Grant Smaller
Photo: Danielle Lehle
Grant Mulligan was one of the returning students who spoke about his summer work at this Westies organized event last year.
Photo by Peter Otis
IEME organized a panel of 2nd year F&ES students to speak about their Industrial Ecology-related summer internship or research.
The Energy SIG brought Chris Calwell, co-founder of Ecova, to F&ES to talk about the firm, their work on energy "sufficiency,"  and internships and jobs.

2011-12 Pilot Programs

  • The Evolving Nature of Corporate Environmental Health and Safety, From Compliance to Sustainability and Beyond, developed by two F&ES students interested in corporate EHS opportunities and co-sponsored by Yale Center for Business and the Environment as part of the GE Sustainability Speakers Series
  • Sustainability Professionals in the Private Sector Alumni Career Panel, developed and hosted by the IEME SIG
  • Westies SIG: Talk by Garry Oye, National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Chief of Wilderness Stewardship Division

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