SIG Career Event Support

About the Fund

By offering logistical assistance and providing a small grant, CDO works in collaboration with SIGs and individual student leaders to work with employers, alumni and relevant professionals.  Our goal is to support the development of professional relationships and to help students share important career and industry information with peers. 

A total of 10 awards are available each academic year, distributed on a first-come basis.  Limit of one per SIG.  Apply early!

To Apply:

  • Awards will be confirmed within two weeks of receiving email notice of application
  • Application for 2018-19 is now closed

CDO can provide support in these ways:

  • Suggesting speakers and visitors as needed;
  • Support in publicizing the event;
  • Setting up resume drops or interviews;
  • Providing financial assistance for a coffee chat or light lunch, up to $150.
Fresh & Salty visited DC with Duke's Water Group and met with employers and alumni

Requirements for Funding

  • Promotional materials (emails, flyers, postings) must include a tag line–With support from the F&ES Career Development Office.
  • CDO (Kathy Douglas, via e-mail) must receive all details on the event for newsletter publicity purposes by the Wednesday one week BEFORE the event.
  • Organizers must submit one picture and a minimum one-paragraph report on the event.
  • Support can be arranged ONLY by transferring funds to a PTAEO.  Please work with Mariann Adams ( 203.432.5126/ Kroon Hall 103) to arrange this either before the event or within 10 days of the event.
Robert Swan Poster CDO

2018-19 Awards

Coming Soon!

2017-18 Awards

Biohabitat Career Events 2017
Fresh & Salty, ConBio, LUUCY, Be Squared, and RRAD organized two days of programming around ecological restoration and coastal resilience, featuring career conversations with Dr. Peter May and Terry Doss of Biohabitats Inc.
We are pleased to report that the following SIGs received support during the 17-18 academic year for a variety of career-related events:
  • Fresh and Salty
  • BE Squared
  • Energy
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Climate Change
  • EJAY
  • Business and Environment
  • Latin America

Sample Awards

  • Networking event in DC as part of Fresh & Salty SIG collaboration with Duke Water--a group of 13 students from F&ES traveled to Washington, DC to meet with representatives from the Department of the Interior, the Department of Agriculture, and the public water utility, DC Water.  SIG Sponsor: Fresh & Salty
  • Career conversation and networking lunch for the Yale Conference on Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean co-organized by F&ES Latin America SIG and students from the Jackson Institute. SIG Sponsor: Latin America SIG
  • Career conversation and dinner with former Director General of IUCN, Julia Martin LeFevre. SIG Sponsor: Environmental Media and the Arts
  • Networking event with F&ES MFS, MESc and MEM researchers to help students in the 2018 cohort create a network with peers. Student Sponsor: Sam Jordan
  • Support for a career conversation with students interested in living and working in the western U.S. hosted by Indy Burke and Bill Lauenroth. SIG Sponsor: Westies
  • Support for post election conversation with F&ES alumni working in Washington, DC at the U.S. Senate and U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources. SIG Sponsor: Climate Change SIG
  • Career Conversation with Austin Lord, Director of Rasuwa Relief, PhD Anthropology candidate, Cornell University, & F&ES MESc ’14. SIG Sponsor: RRAD
  • Interviews and Information Session with alumnus and solar energy developer Will Georgia.  SIG Sponsor: Energy SIG
  • Robert Swan, "Leadership on the Edge," 2041 Foundation. Student Sponsor: Hasita Bhammar
  • Alumni Networking for LUCY Legacy Event. SIG Sponsor: LUCY SIG
  • Career Conversation with Snuller Price, Energy + Environmental Economics. SIG Sponsor: Energy SIG
  • Social Environmental Entrepreneurship Information Session. SIG Sponsor: SEE SIG
  • Alumni Career Talk with Heather Langford, '01 M.E.S., Director, LEED, US Green Building Council. SIG Sponsor: IEME SIG
  • Forestry Careers Panel. SIG Sponsor: SAF
  • Conservation Career Panel. SIG Sponsor: ConBio SIG
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