Annual Resume Book

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Annual Resume Book: September 30 Deadline

Submission Process:

  1. Download the CDO Resource: Recommended Content, Style & Format for F&ES Student Resumes
  2. Download the F&ES Resume Book Template.
  3. Create a draft or update of your resume based on the CDO Resource.
  4. Finalize a one-page (or 2, for students with significant experience) resume.
  5. By September 30, Log In to your personal F&ESNext account and submit resume for approval.

For more information on resume writing include samples developed by CDO, see Job Search Skills.

For consistency, we will ONLY accept resumes in the official template for inclusion in the F&ES Resume Book. 

After the book is created, students will be able to upload multiple resume and CV versions into their F&ESNext account to use during the year for targeted applications.
Brightened Resume Book Cover 2014
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