FESinDC provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore the landscape of environmental work in the DC area and around the world.
NOTE that you will be required to:
  • Answer ALL questions
  • Include brief descriptions of interests and professional background
  • Upload a head shot jpg
  • Upload a resume pdf
  • Name your files with your last name, i.e. Douglas.jpg; Polan.pdf

Your attention to providing the required materials by the deadline on December 11th is greatly appreciated.

2018 Target Visits

World Resource Institute
World Bank (confirmed)

World Wildlife Fund

The Nature Conservancy


Tetra Tech

National Geographic


Conservation International

Inter-American Development Bank

AES Energy Storage

Winrock International

NOAA (confirmed)

ICF International


US Forest Service


Sol Systems

Grid Alternatives

updated November 17, 2017

Senator Warren Staffer
FES students Kathryne Cleary, Nina Hatch & Mark DeSantis met Senator Elizabeth Warren during FESinDC 2017.

2018 Interview Opportunities (In Progress)

CDO is actively pursuing opportunities for students to apply in January for jobs and internships, and if selected by employers, to interview on site in DC on February 15 and 16.  When confirmed, these opportunities will be posted in F&ESNext with details and application instructions.  Here are a few that are looking extremely likely, subject to confirmation:
  • Cameron Speth Fellowship with WRI
  • Cameron Speth Fellowship with NRDC
  • Full Time Positions with ICF
  • Internships and Jobs with C2ES
We will keep updating this list as we work behind-the-scenes.

Note that these opportunities are being sourced in tandem with employer site visits to help our student maximize their visit to DC!

updated November 17, 2017
WWF Visit Pic David McCarthy
Photo: David McCarthy
Students visiting WWF headquarters as part of 2-day event in Washington, DC.
I can’t recommend FESinDC highly enough to next year’s class. The social and environmental challenges we face collectively could not be in better hands than with F&ES Alumni. Thank you for making it happen!
— Kata Young, MESc '17
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Photo: David McCarthy
Dean Indy Burke addressing over 200 students, alumni and staff at the FESinDC Networking Reception.

Why host a regional job trek and career events in Washington, DC?

Washington, DC is home to approximately 650 F&ES alumni--our largest alumni concentration. The trip provides  students an opportunity to meet a large number of alumni and employers in a two day period.

FESinDC also provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore the landscape of environmental work in the DC area and around the world.

Who attends FESinDC?

FESinDC is open to all current first-year and returning F&ES graduate students. CDO staff members accompany students at employer visits.
ALumstudent dinner dc
Photo: Kathy Douglas
ELM mentor/alumni/student dinner. #fesindc With Jen Molnar, TNC, Stephanie Wnuck, Ryan Sarsfield, WRI and Stefan Kuzmanovski.
How are employers selected for FESinDC?

ALL F&ES students will be invited to provide top choices of employers to visit in Washington, DC through a Google spreadsheet created by CDO.

Selections are compiled and ranked to identify the top 25 employers. 

Student Interest Groups are encouraged to work with CDO to organize a visit to an employer of special interest to group members that may not be among the top 25.

Who pays for the trek?

Students are responsible for self financing personal travel, lodging and meals. Funding is not provided by F&ES or CDO.
Visit to The World Bank, 2017.

What is a job trek?

A job trek is a series of employer site visits.  It is way for students to learn firsthand about an organization, specific fields and a region. It is an opportunity to step inside a headquarters, visit workplaces, and network with alumni and employers. Trek visits may consist of presentations with Q&A session, tours, or panel presentations.
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