Duke Yale Environmental Recruiting Fair

February 13, 2015, Washington, DC

7:30am - 4:00pm

DY  Logo 2013
LUCY panel
Who? (2014 registered employer list)
Who? (2013 registered employer list)

(Gallaudet Conference Center)

How? Train, Car Pool, Plane: Students are responsible for own travel and housing. CDO reaches out to alumni for housing, and will share this information with interested students.

Why? Jobs, Internships, Networking, Interview Practice, Researching Career Opportunities

"Should I attend the fair or is it just for _________? (1st years/2nd years/U.S. Citizens...)"

The DY Fair is intended for all FES students, particularly anyone on the job or internship market interested in the organizations that are attending.   

It is useful for:  
  • applying for and interviewing for specific jobs
  • building your network with DC-area F&ES alumni, Nicholas School students and employers
  • networking and interview practice
  • researching current and future opportunities in a variety of organizations  
Students often praise the event as a great introduction to their active job search--getting them in the mode and giving them great practical experience.

ACCESS the Website (coming soon)

  • to set up your DY15 account
  • to upload resume in preparation for interview sign ups
  • to view registered employers
  • to view opportunities
  • to sign up for open interviews

F&ES Alumni Networking Reception
Location and Time TBA
February 13, 2015

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