Congratulations to Professor Michelle Bell!

Congratulations to Professor Michelle Bell!

Her new Center, SEARCH (Solutions for Energy, Air, Climate, and Health) has been awarded a $10 million, five-year grant by the Environmental Protection Agency to study air pollution, energy, climate change, and human health. This is the largest federal grant received by F&ES in the school’s history.

Professor Bell will serve as Director of SEARCH and will collaborate with F&ES, Geology & Geophysics, Environmental Engineering, and Public Health along with faculty at Johns Hopkins and North Carolina State University.

She says that the Center will have four related research projects that deal with energy/econometric modeling, personal exposure monitoring and assessment, air quality and climate change modeling, and epidemiology/public health. “The Center is an excellent example of F&ES’s vision to have collaborative research…

From F&ES to Shaman: The Incredible Story of Luke Weiss

Writer Alexander Zaitchik says he first heard about Luke Weiss ’15 M.F. from an elder of the Waorani, a tribe that lives along the Amazon tributaries in northeastern Ecuador. “He spoke of a white man living with the Secoya, a small tribe settled on a nearby river, but one who had ceased to be a white man,” Zaitchik writes in Men’s Journal, where he profiles Weiss in a new article.

“This man had become Secoya. He practiced the tribe’s oldest and most difficult traditions.”

In the 5,100-word piece, Zaitchik tells the story of how Weiss, once “just another dropout on the gringo trail,” became a tribal leader, heir to the tribe’s revered 103-year-old shaman — “and maybe their best hope for survival.”

How did a college…

Kroon Carbon Challenge

Welcome to the Kroon Carbon Challenge!

In December 2015 Yale University launched a four part pilot program exploring a variety of internal carbon charge strategies using twenty Yale buildings. The goal of this program is to analyze whether carbon pricing is an effective way to improve the university’s environmental sustainability.

Kroon Hall, home of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, is a part of this pilot program. After seeing Kroon’s December report, Forestry faculty, staff and students felt discouraged. The building was not performing nearly as well as we would have hoped, especially since we consider ourselves sustainability leaders on this campus. Energy usage in December increased in almost every category (lighting, heating, plug loads, and hot water) compared to 2014’s data. Kroon Hall is already…

Job Hunt Stress!

Last week I wrote about the exciting goings on at the F&ES Career Development Office. However, I’m afraid I didn’t touch on how second year students are handling the mounting pressure to begin thinking about graduation and their future environmental careers.

I asked a few friends about their feelings and was met with varying emotions. I caught James Ball ’16 as he was leaving a meeting with Ladd Flock, our Director of Career Development. “The best way to end job stress is by mixing uppers and downers,” he joked. But in all seriousness, “The strong social cohesion of the School of Forestry makes the networking of finding a job that much more of a pleasure.” He said he’s not worried; all will be fine!

Shelley Clark ’16 also…

Career Development Office Happenings

It’s January and the beginning of a new semester at F&ES. New Haven is blanketed with snow…but that doesn’t mean summer isn’t on many students’ minds! This is the time of year when first year FESers are thinking ahead to summer internships and second years are searching for full-time jobs. Fortunately, the Career Development Office (CDO) is available as a valuable resource to help students work on their career goals.

CDO is taking this time to shine. There are many treks, workshops, funding resources, and offerings taking place. A mandatory meeting for first year students occurred this week to discuss summer funding for internships and research projects. The office also announced that registration opened for the 13th annual All-Ivy Environmental and Sustainable Development Career Fair taking place on March…

Financial Aid for Prospective Students

So your application is in. Nights of editing that personal statement, crossing your fingers that your recommenders get their letters in on time….it’s over. Or is it?? Before you breathe that sigh of relief, however, make sure to finish all your paperwork for financial aid!

Things you need to fill out and turn in by 11:59PM Eastern Time FEBRUARY 15, 2016:

  1. Everyone – 2016-2017 F&ES Financial Aid Application
  2. US citizens and permanent residents – 2016-2017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our school code is 001426.

Once you’ve done those things, you’re officially done submitting your application to F&ES. But the search for funding shouldn’t stop there. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid has put together some excellent resources to help…

Author: Ruth Metzel

Forests’ role in combating climate change was formally recognized in the climate change agreement achieved in Paris this month. This recognition includes formal mention of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) in the agreement text as well as new commitments to increase forest financing from the governments of Germany, Norway and United Kingdom.[i] An agreement to establish a new international REDD+ center to facilitate collaboration on implementing REDD+ was signed between multiple tropical countries in an initiative spearheaded by Panama, President of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations.[ii]

These accomplishments at COP21 were built on a growing tide of momentum toward action on forests. As COP21 approached, roughly 54% of countries had prioritized the land use sector within their…

On Dec. 16, Yale Foresters Unveil ‘Man Plans’ to Connecticut Landowners

From late September to early November, my classmates and I have spent some of nearly every weekend in the forests of northeast Connecticut. We are learning by doing – writing management plans for community members who own land around the Yale-Myers Forest.

All students begin their time at F&ES learning to measure trees at Yale-Myers Forest. This fall, 14 of my classmates and I have seen this come full circle. My team of three identified and measured over 1,500 trees on the 120-acre property we were assigned. We also practiced interpreting the landscape by “reading” the soils, rocks, plants and hydrology. This forms the baseline for the recommendations we will make.

The clients we work with have a strong connection to their land. Some have lived there for…

A Poker Score Card for COP 21: What They Mean, What They Hide, and How to Compare

This post was written by Authored by Jasmine Hyman of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Gediz Kaya of Gaia Carbon Finance.

All eyes are on Paris as the negotiation window closes upon an international climate agreement that is hopefully, historic. States are promising to take climate action, and by some calculations their cumulative promises cover 90% of global emissions. But most people are wondering, what is actually being promised anyway? However, there is considerable confusion on how they compare to each other, on who is doing what and when, and on how they will be implemented. This blog post is your poker scorecard to understanding what is actually being put on the table in Paris right now. If we’re gambling for climate sanity, these INDCs are…

Author: Larry Rodman

Wednesday, December 3, the GCF held a side event called Deploying Resources of the Green Climate Fund: “What makes a good Project?” Later in the day, the GCF hosted a Q&A period at its pavilion at the conference center. Together, these events gave a picture of what the GCF has achieved so far.

After a slow start – the UNFCCC conceived the GCF 6 years ago in Copenhagen, and formally established it a year later in Cancun – the GCF has now approved 8 projects for funding, and in the last few days has even made a funds transfer for one project. The GCF has accredited 20 entities as funding conduits. Another 9 entities are in the last stages of accreditation, and as many as…