Students blog about their summer experiences at Sage Magazine

Photo by Brian Clites

I am constantly amazed by our students. They are incredibly motivated, passionate, smart and fun. A great way to get a sense of their dedication and work is through the summer blog section of Sage Magazine. Current students have been blogging about their summer experiences all over the world (the first 4 posts come to us from Iraq, Rwanda, Peru and Tanzania, as examples), and they will continue until they get back to campus in August. Our students are required to do a summer internship or research for their thesis depending on what program they are in, and they are encouraged to travel the world to do so. Our Career Development Office even offers funding to help you (click here for more information)…

New Forestry App created by Yale Alums

F&ES is known to encourage and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of our students. A great example of what our students go on to do is highlighted in the work that Zack Parisa (F&ES ’09) and Max Uhlenhuth (Yale College ’12) have been doing with SilviaTerra. SilviaTerra has developed two products that will assist in forest inventory and tracking forest change across the globe. They were recently featured in the MIT Tech Review, and you can read this interesting article about their work here. Go Zack and Max!…

Call for writers--Yale Environment Review

There are a whole slew of activities and groups you should consider in participating, one of which is the Yale Environment Review (YER) – a student-run review that provides weekly updates on environmental research findings.

YER aims to bridge the gap between environmentally-related academic research and its application to policy and management. In order to increase access to specialized information, YER publishes readable and concise summaries of recent original, peer-reviewed literature so that it can be useful to those engaged in the field of environmental and natural resource management.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in one of the many student-run groups within the FES community while honing skills as an environmental writer with published works for a wider audience. There is also course credit option…

Featured Alum: Megan McVey and Climate Communications

I recently sat down with alum Megan McVey regarding her work on Climate Change Communications. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!

Emily: Megan! I’m so happy you agreed to sit down and chat with me for this blog!

Megan: This is exciting! I’ve got lots to say about FES and how awesome it is!

Emily: Well I’m sure our readers out there will love to hear it! Let’s get right down to it. The beginning: where were you before FES?

Megan: I was all over the place – laboratories, developing countries, the media industry, and on Capitol Hill. It was my practical experiences working as a field tech alongside conservation researchers and at non-profit organizations that provided the strongest impetus…

Rachel Mak: Champion of Sustainability and this year's Kroon Cup Winner!

Check out this fun article on the newest Kroon Cup winner, Rachel Mak. She is an incredible force here on campus, championing sustainability!

Featured Alum: Margo Mosher and SustainAbility

Greetings and salutations ones again, blog world! I’m back with, you guessed it, another recent FES alum doing something totally awesome. This time, I’ve got Margo Mosher, who works for a neat little sustainability think tank in NYC. During her time at FES, she spent a lot of time developing her vision for a perfect job and now she’s got it. Dreams do come true!

Forester's Go! Photo Competition Results Announced!

We sent our students on a mission over spring break to capture some beautiful photos and representing F&ES with their gear. Check out the amazing submissions we received!

Our winner was Nicholas Goldstein, who captured this stunning picture of fellow classmate Kelly Stoner at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Featured Alum: Kavita Sharma and the United Nations

I recently caught up with Kavita Sharma (MEM ’12) to chat with her about her work with the UN. So many of you all are interested in working abroad after school, and Kavita is now in Geneva—and also doing international policy work, which so many of you are interested in—so I thought her advice and perspective would be helpful.

New Yale Sustainability Video

Our dean, Sir Peter Crane and FES alum, Frances Beinecke speak about Yale College’s efforts to become more sustainable under President Richard C. Levi’s leadership. Thought you all might enjoy!