The exciting work of the Center for Business & Environment

Wow! Its been quite some time since we last posted… Between the application deadlines and the holidays, we have been absolutely swamped. I tasked Sarah with doing some blog posts on some of the amazing work that the Centers and Programs are doing here on campus. They are an incredible resource for our students and many are quite prolific in the field!

Sarah started with CBEY. Did you know that in this year’s applicant pool, Business and the Environment was the most popular area of interest selected?

From Sarah:

The Center for Business and the Environment, or CBEY, is a joint initiative of the School of Forestry and our neighbor, the Yale School of Management (SOM).  CBEY (pronounced “see-bay”) examines integrative business approaches to address…

Last Words of Advice on Preparing Your Application

I recently asked Sarah, our Student Assistant, to write up some last words of advice to those of you putting the finishing touches on your applications. The biggest thing that we want you to walk away with is the idea that the application is many parts to a whole. Therefore, each piece should tell part of a cohesive story as to who you are. The personal statement is probably the best way to pull everything together for us. This is what Sarah had to say (and I’d second all of her advice!):

Ask two new people to read over your personal statement. First, find someone who has applied and been accepted to the program. Then ask another person, whom you respect, but is not a close friend. This close…

Featured Alum: Matt Strausser and...Space Cows?

Hello again, FES Blog readers! Emily again with latest from the Admissions Office.

Applications are trickling in, just before the dam breaks and the flood of just-before-the-deadline applications hits us. Looking forward to the reading season—cozying up with a cup of tea (maybe some hot chocolate?) and some applications, it’s almost like a good book.

This week, I’ve brought another recent alum to the spotlight, Matt Strausser, MEM ’12. We sat down to talk about his time at FES and what he’s doing now, which, like many of our alums, is pretty awesome.

Emily: So, Matt, what do you do these days?

Matt: I am the wildlife biologist on NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas.

Emily: Why would a space center need a…

Life as a joint JD/MEM student

From Sarah:

Last fall, I took my favorite law school class. Karl Coplan, an expert in environmental law and the co-director of Pace Law School’s esteemed Environmental Litigation Clinic, taught a course on the Clean Water Act. He ran the course as a simulation: a quarter of the class represented industry, a quarter environmental activists, a quarter government lawyers or scientists, and the last group was administrative law judges. As the class’s EPA General Counsel, I wrote an internal review on a proposed National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. I felt good about handing that paper in, but I was marked down for allowing chlorine discharge to continue and for limiting too strictly aluminum and manganese discharges.

At Yale this fall, I am taking Physical Sciences for Environmental…

Featured Alum: Dan Berkman and Disaster Relief

Hey Everyone! Hope your Thanksgivings (for U.S. students) were most excellent—filled with good food and good company!

I’m back with the latest from FES, continuing with more Featured Alumni. This time, I’ve got Dan Berkman, MEM ’12, taking some time to talk about his experience at FES, and the work he is now doing on disaster preparedness in Washington, DC (a very, very popular destination for FES alumni).

Dan Berkman was one of my good friends at FES, and he very quickly acquired the name Disaster Dan around campus. Contrary to what you might think, Disaster Dan was so named because of his ability to FIX disasters, not to cause them (usually). While he was at FES, he exemplified the kind of entrepreneurial attitude that does so well at…

Featured Alum: Shane Hetzler and the Quiet Corner Initiative

Hey FES Blog-Land! Emily again with the latest from the Admissions Office. I’ve posted about lots of the cool things you can do while you’re a student at FES, so I thought it would be good for me to highlight some of the cool things you can do once you’ve walked away from FES with a shiny new master’s degree.

Let me introduce Shane Hetzler, who graduated from FES with a Master of Forestry last May. Shane, like many in my class (including me!) did not yet feel like his work at FES was finished after two years, so he got a job with the school to continue the awesome work he started while at FES. He now works for the Yale School Forests managing the Quiet Corner Initiative…

Fresh & Salty - exploring water issues outside of the classroom

From our student assistant, Sarah:

In the “School of Forestry” it seems that anyone interested in water or marine issues would be a “fish out of water”. However, growing interest in these topics is reflected not only in the courses offered and the speakers that visit, but also in the growing number of students involved in the “Fresh and Salty” student interest group.

Fresh and Salty offers academic and recreational opportunities for students to express, explore, and share their interests in water-related issues, from the study of water quality and invasive species in ponds, going on fly fishing or SCUBA excursions, to enjoying a sustainable seafood dinner.

Roz Savage, 2012 Yale World Fellow, ocean rower, and sustainability advocate, spoke to students on November 1 about her mission…

Environmental Protection Students on a field trip to NRDC Headquarters in New York

Environmental Protection Students on a field trip to NRDC Headquarters in New York

Hello again, FES blog followers! Emily here again, writing to you from a New Haven finally in the fullest throws of autumn. What leaves that survived Sandy have turned all shades of orange, red, and yellow. This is one of the best times of year to be in New Haven (although, I honestly think most times of year are great to be in New Haven).

Speaking of “best of,” I thought that I would use this post to elaborate on what I would consider one of the best parts of the FES curriculum—the clinic classes. The clinics offer a real-world experience within…

Learning outside of the classroom--a series on our SIGs

Our fabulous student assistant, Sarah, is working on a series highlighting some of the work that our Student Interest Groups (SIGs) are doing at the school. SIGs are a vibrant part of the community, and a way for students to get involved, bring speakers to campus, take field trips, and investigate disciplines and topics in more depth. If there isn’t a SIG that meets your needs, you can create one! To see the list of all of our current SIGs, visit the following website: Today’s focus is on CAFE, our food and agriculture group. Sarah writes:

CAFE, the Coalition on Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, is a space for students at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, as well as the university at large, to come…