The other side of the river: Presenting about F&ES at home

Written by Javier Gonzalez Rivero ’19 M.E.M.

Do you remember being on the other side of the river? A few days ago, I traveled to Mexico City, the capital of my home country. I had the opportunity to visit ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) once again, a university where I graduated from with a diploma course in environmental economics. My time as an ITAM student in 2013 was a stepping stone that propelled me to come to F&ES.

The session was arranged in collaboration with the F&ES Admissions office, and the ITAM Office of International Affair. The goal of my visit was to explain recent changes in the F&ES curriculum, and to pique Mexican students’ interest on the 5 different programs offered by the school.

The room where the information session took place, received the undivided attention of 9 students. The majority of them were in their last year of college, and their majors spun from legal studies to international relations. In a session that lasted nearly 90 minutes, their inquisitiveness was reflected in every question. Why did you decide to go to Yale? What are the classes like? Are there enough resources to focus my career in the social realm of the environment? What are the types of projects that I can do over the summer? And many more…

As a current student, and despite the briefness of the encounter at ITAM, I felt very lucky to help prospective students clarify some burning questions regarding future steps in their careers. Not so long ago, I found myself in the same place as these undergrads. My head was bursting with doubts: whether to study or not a master’s program, where, when and why… if only I had had this type of informal encounters and information sessions.

Now that I am on the other side of the river, I’m glad I could help students like Daniela, Belén, Antonio and Andrea (pictured below), to provide information for their decision-making process. I am sure that after this brief encounter, F&ES is surely one of their top graduate school choices.

I appreciate and thank the Admissions Office for trusting me to represent them in my home country, and share some of the great experiences and I have had in the past year. It is a pleasure to help strengthen the school’s international character, and bring students closer to the unique “F&ES way” to reflect and solve the greatest environmental challenges of our time.




Photo 1: Students engaging in the material concerning the Yale F&ES academic offer 

Photo 2: Javier -a second year M.E.M. student- explaining the different F&ES programs to which students can apply, along with information on financial aid, F&ES community life and the application materials