Greetings from South Georgia! Meet the newest F&ES Admissions Counselor

Greetings from South Georgia! Meet the newest F&ES Admissions Counselor

Greetings from South Georgia!

My name is Wendi Hicks, and I am elated to be joining the F&ES Admissions & Financial Aid team as the new Admissions Counselor! I hail from Moultrie, Georgia and come to F&ES from Emory University down in Atlanta, GA where I served as an Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment. I bring almost 8 years of higher education experience in recruitment, admissions, and systems and look forward to working side by side with the wonderful members of the F&ES Admissions & Financial Aid, continuing to bring in awesome students from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences.

While I have not studied at Yale or F&ES, I am currently in school working on my dissertation as a Doctor of Public Administration student, with a dual concentration in Higher Education Leadership and Public Policy. Working on this degree has given me the opportunity to really survey the ways in which government policies and actions, such as college consolidations, affect many of the colleges and universities in the United States, and most specifically, among minority populations. I have also written two children’s books, alongside my mother. As the daughter of two educators, I definitely have a true passion for education and the academic empowerment of students across all backgrounds.

Why F&ES? As someone who grew up in rural South Georgia, the agricultural Sunbelt, having participated in various conservation projects and environmental restoration initiatives throughout grade-school and college, I immediately identified with the mission and core values that the School of Forestry and Environment Science holds true. For me, being in tune with the environment and the various effects people, policies, and many other factors have upon it, is very important and key to better managing and rectifying many of the evolving environmental challenges we increasingly face.

Additionally, as a student myself, I admire the rigorous curriculum, academic programming and wonderful professional development/leadership opportunities that are available to students here at F&ES. Being afforded the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful institution whose administration, leadership and student body are so passionate and innovative was an opportunity I could not pass up.

I look forward to meeting and working with prospective and current students and would be more than happy to connect to answer any questions you may have: