Hello! My name is David and I am a student assistant at the Yale F&ES admissions office.  We are all excited to engage with you about your application and inquiries.  I am happy to speak with anyone about anything F&ES! I look forward to meeting with some of you as you reach out to learn more and visit our college. I am actually a Connecticut local and have been living in New Haven since 2007.  So feel free to ask me anything about New England, CT or New Haven life!

I am a second year Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) degree candidate.  The MEM program is largest program as it is the most general.  It’s sort of a, what do you want to do in the world of environmentalism, and here are the tools to get you there, kind of program.  While there are four formal degrees, the MEM program offers you the most flexibility to mix it up and take courses related to your interests within the other degree programs. In fact, unless you partake in a specialization, you are the master of your own universe so to speak!

Where I was before F&ES:
Prior to my arrival to the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, I spent a decade working in the human services field.  For the past five years, I fought on the front lines of poverty reduction alongside those suffering from homelessness in New Haven Connecticut.  Through coordinated capacity building and direct provision of housing services, I ultimately developed a highly successful and innovative shared housing model that provides non-subsidized housing solutions for adults exiting homelessness.  I continue to implement my pivotal housing model today as a homeless services consultant.

To enhance food security within my local community, I worked with New Haven Farms for two years addressing chronic illness through urban agriculture and nutritional education. Within that time, I also sat on three working groups within the New Haven Food Policy Council.

 Why FES & what I love about it here:
When I was seeking to apply to environmental master’s programs, the choice was easy to make because I only wanted to come here.  Once I met with admissions, toured the campus and met a few students, I was hooked.  I immediately got the sense that I could reinvent myself, find a meaningful career and make a difference in the world.

What I love about F&ES is hard to put into words but if I had to choose four it would be: the culture, the smiles, the resources and the mentality that together we can do anything.  On this campus, it’s difficult to find a frown or need something that isn’t available across the University.

To borrow a word from Ladd Flock, Director of our Career Development Office at F&ES, we have a coop-petition student body.  The world is a very competitive place, but here at F&ES we help each other get to where we need to go.

What I do in my free time:
I enjoy walking a lot.  I walk downtown and visit the art galleries, local businesses and parks. I maintain a career in photography comprising of published and permanently displayed works.  I am a huge movie buff and frequent the theater.  I am an avid chess player and enjoy a good challenge. In the warmer months, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, hiking, swimming, cliff jumping, star gazing and traveling.

Reaching Out:
I work regularly with incoming and prospective students to help paint the picture of what it means to live in New Haven, attend F&ES and also just talk shop.  If you would like to talk about anything related to the environment or F&ES, feel free to shoot me an email.  I travel a lot for conferences but, always make time to attend to my emails so feel free to reach out, david.mccarthy@yale.edu.  I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully seeing some of you around campus.