F&ES 2015 Talent Show!

F&ES 2015 Talent Show!

This past Friday, F&ES students entertained their fellow classmates and showcased their talents! Above, a group of second-year students model their high-fashion-and-function field clothes on the F&ES catwalk. Here are some other highlights form the event:


Second-year Andrew Wu channels his inner Sinatra while crooning “Feeling Good.”

IMG_6919Second-year Adrien Salazar recites a beautifully-written and poignant poem about his experience as a Filipino-American at F&ES.


Resident F&ES yogi James Ball impresses the audience while simultaneously playing viola and completing a sun salutation. IMG_6943

A “Troop of Rabble Trousers” perform their unique and silly dance moves.


Some second-year international students perform and dance, sharing a bit of their culture with F&ES.


Wise guys Logan McCoy and Dan Reid perform groan-inducing “dad jokes.”

IMG_6979 “Forest Band Dynamics” (Emma Akrawi, Lisa Veliz, Ben Cohen and Ray Waweru) performed their rendition of “No Diggity.”