Fall Advice

Fall Advice

It’s officially fall at F&ES! I am surrounded by beautiful changing leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything, and…the pre-Thanksgiving craziness!

It seems like yesterday was shopping period and I was frantically trying to choose my classes. Today I am hurriedly working on final projects and problem sets. The time has flown by. The past couple months have been filled with returning to “school” mode, working on group projects, and making some wonderful new friends.

This is also a time for reflection, as I am already a fourth of the way through my graduate degree. I polled some of my friends about advice they might have for new students and how to best tackle the fall semester at FES.

“Don’t kill yourself trying to do it all.” – Britain Richardson, MEM ’17

“Don’t overcommit…you still want to have flexibility.” – Breanna Lujan, MEM5 ’16

​”​Explore your options​.​ Be open to deviating from your ​’​plan,​’​ even right at the beginning​–​your plans will change a lot while you’re here!​ And​ talk to professors​.”​ -​ ​Corey​ Scult, MEM ’17​

“It’s important to over-involve yourself in the year (when there’s less work), and attend as many things as you can as a tool to help you shape/change your plans.” – Luke Menard, MEM ’17

And from Jessica Leung, MEM ’17:
“Do not take more than four classes and leave ample room for opportunities that arise. You will probably jump from happy-go-lucky after MODS to being more stressed than you probably ever have been. The confusion of classes, constant balancing of work vs. play, and wanting to do and experience everything at Yale will be overwhelming. Learn to filter based on your interests and priorities and it is ok to say no! [And] look outside FES and get connected to the larger campus and New Haven. There can be a sense of competition or ‘everyone is doing this’ so branching out will make you stand out!”

As you can probably tell, there are a few common themes. There are many ways to live your graduate student life–and no way is right or wrong!