International TGIF 2015

International TGIF 2015

FES is a very culturally diverse community. We have 97 international students representing 39 countries. If we list all the holidays of the countries that people are from, almost everyday is a public holiday.

If you are an FESer, you should not miss every week’s social event, TGIF (Thank God I’m a Forester). Yes, instead of celebrating Friday, we celebrate being Tree Huggers! And especially don’t miss the international TGIF, an annual event to present and celebrate multiculturalism in our community!

On Oct. 16th, international TGIF kicked off at 5:30pm. We had 34 countries represented. 44 national flags were hung around Bowers Auditorium. 853 photos were collected from our international student community and presented in a 27-minute long slide show. 184 songs from all over the world were played. 200 bottles/cans of beers (international and domestic) were bought and consumed. Countless plates of delicious food were served by different countries’ tables!

A picture is worth a thousand words. A round of applause for everyone preparing and supporting our International TGIF!

Check out Ecuador table
Check out Ecuador table!

Did I tell you that India table is always one of the most popular ones
Did I tell that India table is always one of the most popular ones?

dont miss international TGIF
Dont miss international TGIF!

Kemi and her son from Kenya 1
Kemi and her son from Kenya

meet our dj and her apprentice
Meet our DJ and her apprentice!

Celebration of multiculturalism at FES doesn’t stop here. Global communication and culture exchange is one continuous theme embedded in this community. Many students at FES had spend their time living in different continents, learning different languages, and doing research in various countries. Coming to FES brings their experiences to build a broader and more diverse community. Also, FES offers plenty of opportunities to further extend these experiences.

Lastly, I’d also like to mention two groups at FES who are working on promoting cultural exchange and diversity. The Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee (EQUID) is composed of students, faculty and staff who are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. Multicultural Community (MCC) SIG is a student interest group that celebrates cultural diversity and offers a space for students to express their cultural identities.