Packing List for your First Year at F&ES!

Packing List for your First Year at F&ES!

I packed up my car in July 2015, and drove from Los Angeles to New Haven, just in time for MODs. Here’s a list of things I (a native Californian and self-proclaimed winter-weakling) am very happy I brought with me, or wished I had, along with a few inputs from some friends here at school.

Things for school:

  • Functional computer, complete with a functional charger
  • Backup device for said functional computer
  • Notebooks, pens/pencils (for when your functional computer inevitably crashes)
  • Calculator
  • Backpack/book bag

Winter things:

  • Winter coat
  • Winter boots
  • Winter hat
  • Winter scarf
  • Winter gloves
  • Winter socks
  • Winter pants
  • Winter sweaters
  • If it’s warm and cozy, you’re going to want it.
  • “Skis! XC or downhill”—Nick Olson

Things that could be helpful for MODs:

  • Own set of utensils, reusable dishware
  • Hiking boots—sturdy, for light hiked
  • Sandals you can get wet (Tevas or Chacos work well)
  • Clothing you can get dirty/sweaty/etc.
    • “Ratty, dirty jeans for MODs”—Rupal Patel
  • “A really good rain jacket that won’t get soaked through”—Dana Patterson
  • Duffel or backpack to fit a week’s worth of clothing in
  • Bathing suits
  • Day pack
  • Baseball cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray—watch out for ticks!
  • Water bottle
  • Sleeping bag, pillow
  • Camera
  • Biodegradable soap/shampoo
  • US Northeast flora and fauna identification guide

If you’re an international student:

  • “Bring your international driving permit, if you have one!”—Chan Chung-Leong
  • “Little gifts for special people (postcards, chocolate)”—Mariana Vedoveto
  • “Traditional clothes for International TGIF”—Snigdha Garg

Things that are helpful at FES generally:

  • “A toolbox” (for home repairs and general fixing of things)—Ari Spawn
  • “Golf clubs. The Yale course is glorious.”—Gator Halpern
  • “Make sure all of your health stuff is up to date before you get here!” (you can’t register for classes until it is)—Daphne Liu
  • “Speakers for bangin’ dance parties!”—Lisa Valiz
  • All of the Tupperware and reusable dishware
  • “A reusable coffee mug for BYO Café”—Ben Cohen
  • “Costume gear!”—Dawn Henning (FES is known for its many costume parties, and they start during MODs, so come prepared)
  • A bike (you can usually buy one here, too)
    • “A U-Lock”—Katie Weber
    • “And a bike helmet”—Lucian Go
    • “And a bike light”—Wan Yu Sung
  • “Hiking backpack”—Anna Finke
  • Professional clothing for business meetings, presentations, and networking events
  • “A Crazy Creek Chair!”—Susannah Harris
  • “A soccer ball”—Raymond Waweru
  • Passport, with more than six months before the expiration date
  • “Your guitar”—Lucian Go
  • “Your dog”—Sara Stevens
  • Lots and lots of flannel

Good luck packing to all of the new students, I’ll be seeing you at MODs orientation next week!