Living in New Haven

Living in New Haven

Lately I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about where to live in New Haven, and I thought it might be easy to explain how and where students live in a blog post, so that you can all benefit!

Most students will start looking for an apartment once they’ve committed to the program, starting in March or April. Once everyone has been accepted to the program and decided to come, there will be a facebook group where other newly-accepted first-years will be posting looking for roommates and apartments. That’s where I found my roommate! I, and from what I can tell most other FES students, had signed a lease before we moved (usually in April or May), although some moved here first to look for an apartment. I would not suggest doing this, though, as the best apartments will go up for rent in March/April/May, with leases starting in August or September. My suggestion is to visit New Haven yourself (maybe for admitted students day) or connect with some folks through the facebook group who will be coming to New Haven to look at apartments. Often times, current-first-years-who-will-be-second-years who are staying in their apartments and looking for new roommates will post there as well.


In terms of areas to look at, there are a few areas in New Haven where students live. F&ES administrators suggest looking for a place outlined in the red area on this map. By far, the most popular area to live is in East Rock, which is the area East (to the right) of F&ES. There are little corner stores and a few cafes and bars in that area, which makes it a convenient and close to FES. There are a few students who find housing on Mansfield Street, which is even closer to the school, but on the opposite side of the school from East Rock. In both East Rock and on Mansfield, apartments are usually in older homes that have been divided into smaller apartments with rooms for 2-4 people. Then there are a few students who end up living in large apartment complexes in downtown New Haven. These apartments are usually more expensive studios, meant for one person or a couple, although there are some exceptions.

In terms of housing prices, rent is all over the board. Look at the approximate living expenses posted in Financial Aid to get an idea of what to expect (these prices were determined by a survey of current student expenses, and do not include travel to/from home destinations). Expect to pay more if you’re planning on living in your own apartment without any roommates. Obviously, the well-kept or recently renovated apartments and houses will cost more than some of the older buildings. When looking for apartments on your own, be sure to check out craiglist, Yale graduate housing, and Sageboy. International students should check out the housing on the OISS website.