Yale Project on Climate Change Communication reaches broad audiences

The next Forestry & Environmental Studies program that I want to introduce is the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC).  YPCCC is a center for both communication and a research.   In a nutshell, this project addresses the gap between science and society and aims to effectively communicate climate change science to societies in the United States and abroad.  F&ES students work as Research Assistants and collaborate with professors and key partners to conduct original research on public climate change awareness and perception.  The Research Assistants then design and test new strategies for raising social awareness and communication for climate change, as well as methods for engaging society in finding solutions for climate change adaptation.  In addition, YPCCC aims to work with educators and communicators to provide effective teaching tools for engaging their audiences.

A common theme among the programs at F&ES, the YPCCC collaborates with other research centers, student interest groups, and publishing forums.  For example, the YPCCC works together with groups like Yale Environment 360, an online magazine organized by F&ES students that publishes original articles by scientists, researchers, and experts on global environmental issues.  Check out some incredible articles in e360 here: http://e360.yale.edu/.


True to its mission, YPCCC’s research and analyses are constantly publicized – from the New York Times Dot Earth Blog to Yale Daily News, to NPR!  You can visit the YPCCC website daily and you will find publications in major newspapers, online blogs and magazines: http://environment.yale.edu/climate/in-the-news/.


So, as an incoming student, how can you become involved?  First, check out the website for YPCCC in its entirety.  I have shared only a few tidbits of the YPCCC team’s publications, outreach, and programs here today.  You should definitely sit down, have some free trade coffee, and read a few of the dozens of publications available online.  Once you’ve read to your heart’s content, you should feel free to reach out to the Research Assistants at YPCCC.  There is a general email address on the website’s Contact page.  Or, send me an email (sarah.wegmueller@yale.edu), tell me about your interests and I’ll point you in the right direction!