The Adbullah View of Sustainability


Shown above are Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah (Left) and King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.  The former; once the director of the office of the Minister of Finance and Petroleum, once the director of the Office of the Minister of Interior and the Acting Minister of Finance and Petroleum, once the Minister of Energy and Industry, and curently director of the Gulf Helicopters Corporation, member of the Directors Board of Gulf Airways Corporation and current director of Qatar Petroleum, is a very down to earth guy with concerns for global climate issues.  Enough so that this once OPEC president has become president again of the COP 18 theater show.  Although the Qataris have only attended two COPs, this seemed like something they had to get a part of, and who could blame them.  How often do giants of the national scene get to converse with the very countries they depend upon for exploitation.  Not often enough I say.  The setting of Qatar seems as good of a place as any to discuss inequality, environmental degredation, cultural genocide, and success in terms of sustaining as long as is feasibly possible.  The fine Abdullah (the King who took power from the untimely death of, …well… everyone around him) has been gratious enough to shar his vision as well for the future of the world.  Through sustainable viper garages to sustainable land rovers, powered by natural gas and solar powered garage openers, we can be joyous in saying that there will be wealthy men in robes flying up and down the deserts of the world for centuries to come, each driving towards an oasis geo-engineered by solar de-salination.  Let us all praise these men for without their tireless efforts, many of us could never have dreamed of a world such as ours.  I personally connot wait to see what they’ll think of next, though I’m sure it will sustain this beautiful status quo.