Learning outside of the classroom--a series on our SIGs

Learning outside of the classroom–a series on our SIGs

Our fabulous student assistant, Sarah, is working on a series highlighting some of the work that our Student Interest Groups (SIGs) are doing at the school. SIGs are a vibrant part of the community, and a way for students to get involved, bring speakers to campus, take field trips, and investigate disciplines and topics in more depth. If there isn’t a SIG that meets your needs, you can create one! To see the list of all of our current SIGs, visit the following website: http://environment.yale.edu/sigs/. Today’s focus is on CAFE, our food and agriculture group. Sarah writes:

CAFE, the Coalition on Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, is a space for students at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, as well as the university at large, to come together over sustainable food issues. We have kicked off an exciting year. With three second-year co-leaders collaborating with a strong wave of incoming first-year students, there has been a tremendous flow of energy and ideas.

Events this semester include Lolappleooza, a day on the farm of pressing gleaned apples, 100-mile Thanksgiving, a large potluck of dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, and a trip to NYC for an urban agriculture tour. We’re also co-sponsoring a year long speaker series entitled “Scaling Sustainability.” This series focuses on the potential for institutional will and buying power to create interventions in a broken food system. New this year, we are convening regular potlucks to gather and discuss our interests and research.

These events are in combination with an endless flow of talks, workshops, service days, and many other opportunities put out by the Yale Sustainable Food Project, the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, other food-related student interest groups, and a groundswell effort to bring food and agriculture curriculum to Yale FES. CAFE is proud to be part of a growing, engaging food community at Yale.