Game Play at the UNFCCC

"Mosquitos" can bite humans to lay an egg card or humans can seek "medics" to clean out mosquito egg cards

Doha, Qatar: “mosquitos” (willing participants at UNFCCC) are flying and “breeding grounds” (Red Cross Climate Change Centre team members and myself) are waiting for “mosquitos” to return to lay an egg [card]. Once the “mosquitos” return to the “breeding ground” with an egg [card] they then seek out more humans to bite in order to lay another egg [card].

On the other front “medics” (other team members) are waiting to give out cure/clear out [cards] to humans bitten by “mosquitos.” Once those previously bitten have a cured/clear out [card] they then seek out the “breeding grounds” to clear out the egg [cards]. The battle rages on!

Our activity seeks to create conversations and human interactions via game play. Follow @helloAntidote to see how active the “humans” and “mosquitos” will be in this game and who will earn the most points.

‘Bitten’ was developed by Antidote Games for the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre. The game design was funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).