Rio +20 Sustainability Recommendations up for Vote

Rio +20 Sustainability Recommendations up for Vote

Let’s speculate. What sustainability messages would Sageboy want to send to world leaders at Rio? His wish list would be pretty simple.

  • Encourage the use of bicycles
  • Incentivize the construction of energy efficient buildings
  • Advance women’s empowerment as a way to advance sustainable development

Alas, Sageboy cannot vote and he will remain transfixed to the concrete walls of Sage Hall while over 40 F&ES students descend upon the Rio+20 Summit this week to raise their voices about which items on their sustainability wish lists they want to see become reality.

HOWEVER, you can vote on Sageboy’s recommendations and more online at: Rio+20 Dialogues: Vote for the Future you Want.

This voting campaign is part of the Sustainable Development Dialogues, an effort sponsored by the Government of Brazil to give civil society a more active voice in the sustainability discussion. For the past 6 weeks, these dialogues have taken place in the form of dynamic and impassioned online discussions about 10 critical sustainability topics including:


The top 30 recommendations will be conveyed directly to world leaders at Rio+20. F&ES Prof. Ben Cashore will personally help to present the 10 recommendations for the Forests dialogue, which he and his team of intrepid students in the Government, Environment and Markets Initiative have helped to develop through leading the online discussion in collaboration with the Center for International Forestry Research and the University of Sao Paolo. The forest recommendations were widely agreed upon by a community of over 1400 forestry experts and practitioners, and include:

  • Entrench the principles, inclusion, transparency and accountability of local peoples in forest governance
  • Organize a UN Commission to mobilize the necessary public and private finance to implement REDD+ actions globally
  • Restore 150 million hectares of deforested and degraded lands by 2020
  • Support common framework conditions for forest certification and include it in the Rio+20 framework of action.
  • Invest in locally controlled forestry; promoting resource rights, organization, business capacity and fair deals for local people.

The Sustainable Development Dialogues take place from June 16-19, 2012. In the meantime, we’re asking you to pull out your own sustainability wish list and VOTE HERE before June 16th.