Journey into Rio

I am fortunate enough to have landed in Rio to witness the history in making. After having read all about the 1992 Earth summit as a part of our course work and followed the preparatory meetings for the Rio+20 in New York it is indeed exciting to be here to see hours and hours of negotiation come to fruition. As an intern for the Nepal Mission through our Environment Diplomacy Practicum class I got to see part of the under belly of negotiations. The twenty page text that was initially compiled from hundreds of submission came out in the early 2012 seems like a long time ago. Since then it gone through several revisions, proposals, streamlining, combining and editing expanding it to 300 pages and now down to 80 pages. During the preparatory meetings I closely followed G77+China where I learnt the challenges of bringing together a diverse group of countries. Little did I know that it was going to several times harder with the rest of the negotiating blocks. The priorities of countries came head on when the texts were laid out on the table but there were several compromises too.

Now sitting in the Nepal office I am eagerly waiting for my assignment. Nepal, the chair of the LDCs will be organizing a high-level meeting on the 21st June and going into the final rounds of negotiations. I am soaking it all in.