Thinking beyond your Masters degree: the Career Development Office to the rescue!

One of the most common questions we get here in admissions (from both prospective and admitted students) is “What do your graduates do after graduation?” This is a very important question, and knowing whether or not our Masters programs will set you up to help meet your career goals is not only an important factor for us to consider as part of the admissions process, but also for you to consider when evaluating what program is right for you!

Here at F&ES, CDO, or the Career Development Office, is wonderful. Not only do they provide services to our current students to make them competitive in the job market, but they also continue to advise and help our alumni post-graduation. They help make connections, they provide training to build skill sets, and they work to expose you to as many employers and available jobs as possible.

They ALSO provide a great service that comes in the form of reporting–every year they administer a survey 6 months out from graduation to get a very real sense of what our new grads are up to (you can see job titles, locations, companies, average salaries, where students are enrolled in PhDs, etc.). This is a resource that is crucial to everyone–prospective students, current students and alumni alike. You can download all of the reports here:

If you’re like me, and sometimes need the abridged version, they have also created a great sample list to give you a quick (but good!) idea of the breadth and variety in the jobs our alumns hold:

Happy perusing!