Take Two

After a whirlwind semester and a two-week long break, I am in the throes of school life again! Am I glad that school has started again? In all frankness, I was initially reluctant to tear myself away from family and friends in my freezing hometown of Ulaanbaatar. However, I did also realize that during my first semester, I was able to build a life here in New Haven. I had a nice apartment and roommates to return to (East Rock is a great neighborhood). I also had friends, a job, classes and the prospect of concocting a whole new thoroughly fulfilling semester. Our semester is not entirely predictable with only classes and academics filling our days. It is ours to enhance with extracurricular activities, social events, weekend outings and independent projects. I try not to be biased, but I do think that at this school, I am able to get the full package and more.

My classes last semester were greatly rewarding. I was able to shed away some of my naiveté regarding my simplified notions of concepts and processes in the real world. The balance between getting a theoretical take on concepts and receiving practical experience was perfect. I was able to work with real clients, real case studies and real models in my classes.

This semester, some of my side goals include becoming more involved with Student Interest Groups and school conferences. I will also be looking at two school websites http://calendar.yale.edu/cal/opa, http://sagemagazine.org/ and http://e360.yale.edu/ to stay aware of the greater Yale community’s activities and opportunities. This is also the semester when all first-year students fervently search for summer internship opportunities (we have an eight-week internship requirement).

My main caution is on not tripping over myself by being a little over-excited about grad life.