Forward thinking…

I know I promised you at least two more postings on why I love New Haven (“arts & culture” and “parks and recreation”)… don’t worry, they are coming! However, I wanted to quickly share some important and some fun info for you during this busy admission season.

As the Admissions Office and Admissions Committee pours through applications in order to create the strongest and most exciting incoming class for a Fall 2012 start, I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting final decisions. We do release all decisions at the same time, around March 15… so try and relax and enjoy your winter without worrying too much! Keep developing your careers, study hard, and continue to nurture your interests… it will only benefit you by continuing to help clarify your goals for graduate study.

Now on to the fun information! New students at F&ES all start in early August in a required orientation called MODs. MODs help impart field skills and problem solving techniques considered indispensable to students intending careers in environmental research, management and policy. There are three MODs that you participate in, one in New Haven focusing on Urban Ecosystem Analysis, and two in the Yale forests. The Great Mountain MOD focuses on Land Management and Mapping and the Yale Myers Forest MOD delves into ecosystem management. The MODs serve as a sort of base for your coursework at F&ES, and also serve as a way to get to know your incoming classmates. Many alums who I talk to state that MODs was one of the most seminal experiences at F&ES, and we are very proud of the learning that goes on and community that is developed during that time! We recently shared some wonderful pictures from summer MODs and life on campus here at F&ES on our Facebook Page. They are worth checking out—beautiful pictures that capture much of the essence and excitement of starting an academic career here. I hope they continue to motivate you as you think about pursuing graduate studies!