LDCs call on all parties to reach a fair and effective solution. But will the others listen?

The LDC, or least developed country, negotiating bloc delivered its opening remarks yesterday at the COP17 plenary.  Speaking on behalf of the forty-nine least developed countries in the world, the delegate from The Gambia noted the devastating effects climate change has already had on the most vulnerable members of the world population over the past twenty years.

The number of floods has more than doubled over the past decade among LDC countries.  Meanwhile, droughts are occurring with greater intensity and much more unpredictably.  According to the delegate, thousands have died and thousands more may share a similar fate if parties do not act.

The consequences of inaction regarding climate change, he noted, will be “catastrophic to our countries and our peoples.”  Most poignantly, he called all nations, not just developed but also developing, to take part in the solution.  In his own words, “we must remember that while some nations call on their right to continue to develop, LDCs call on their peoples’ rights to continue to live and survive.”

That is a statement that all parties should take to heart.

This is Part II of a two part post.  Please see “Pointing Fingers in Durban: A Discouraging Start to COP17” for Part I.