A day in the life

7:00a Breakfast in Ballito

8:15a The walk

From our hotel, we walk to catch the COP’s official shuttle service from the suburb of Ballito into Durban.

8:45a The View

Although the shuttle commute takes about an hour, it gives us a chance to see the lovely scenery of KwaZulu-Natal.

9:20a The Line

We make our way through the security line…

9:21a Sarah Ponders

…pondering what the day’s negotiations will bring.

10:10a Morning meeting
Here we are at the first meeting of the  Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI). This larger plenary meeting sets the framework for establishing smaller contact groups and informal consultations on specific agenda items like capacity building, technology transfer and national adaptation plans (NAPs).

11:00a: The workspace

With a little help from my double latte (they make them nice and strong here at the ICC), I’m in the zone and taking notes that I’ll forward on to the rest of the Afghan delegation.

2:30p Documents Center

Between the morning and afternoon sessions, I pop by the Documents Center to pick up a copy of the Global Environment Facility’s report to the COP. Or shall I say, document FCCC/CP/2011/7. It’s like a mini library with every UN document you ever wanted. Nerd’s paradise!

Check your cubby...er, *pigeon hole*

Oh and, while I’m near the Documents Center, I can drop the Maldives a note in their pigeon hole.

5:00p Still working

We’re off now to the University Mixer! Stay tuned for more pictures