Greetings from the skies (somewhere between Seattle and Denver)!

This time of year, Admissions Officers spend the bulk of September, October and November focusing their efforts on traveling around the country (or for some lucky few, the world!) to meet prospective students and make information about their respective programs more accessible. After all, we realize that it isn’t always easy to pick up and head across country to visit our campus while working, in school, or otherwise engaged. This week, I spent Monday evening hosting an Information Session in Portland, Oregon, traveled to Seattle on Tuesday morning to partake in the Seattle Idealist Graduate School fair, and am now on a plane heading to Denver to host an Information Session and participate in the Denver Idealist Fair…. a busy week for me!

I’ve got to say—this time of the year brings the most motivating, exciting, and truly fun part of my job. It brings me real joy to help the prospective students I get to meet who are ready to embark on this new chapter of their lives make their dreams of attending Yale a reality. We get to talk about their anticipated career paths, areas of academic interest, how our programs fit into their goals, and how to put their best foot forward when submitting an application. One of the things that prospective students are often most shocked to learn is how flexible our programs are. All of our programs are built to bring quite a big degree of customization to them through elective work. To add to the “buffet” of courses you have to choose from at F&ES across a range of topics within the environmental field, you also have access to the entire Yale University and the resources that brings. For example, our Masters programs allow you to take up to 50% of your coursework at other Yale schools or programs (think: divinity, international relations, public health, anthropology, management, and law to name a few).

When you attend events that we hold across the country, you often are able to meet one or more alums. Alums love to share why they chose F&ES, what career path they have taken since graduating, and of course the fun side of being a student at Yale such as our famed “TGIF (Thank God I’m a Forester)” parties to our varied Student Interest Groups (see: A great example of this alumni involvement was at our information session in Portland on Monday—I was joined by three alums, one a graduate from the MF, one from the MEM, and one from the joint MEM/MBA program. They are all doing incredibly amazing things now—from running a watershed management team for a Native American tribe, to serving as one of the youngest Rangers in the US Forest Service. One of the coolest resources to getting a sense of what our graduate do is through the Graduate Survey (see: that the Career Services Office conducts for every graduating class a year out from graduation. There is really specific information about what our alums are up to, including job titles and where they are working, as well as degrees and institutions if pursuing advanced degrees. You should check it out—it’s a great way to figure out if our programs will help you get where you would like to go career-wise… I think you’ll find all of the incredibly diverse possibilities really exciting!