This time of year, Admissions Officers spend the bulk of September, October and November focusing their efforts on traveling around the country (or for some lucky few, the world!) to meet prospective students and make information about their respective programs more accessible. After all, we realize that it isn’t always easy to pick up and head across country to visit our campus while working, in school, or otherwise engaged. This week, I spent Monday evening hosting an Information Session in Portland, Oregon, traveled to Seattle on Tuesday morning to partake in the Seattle Idealist Graduate School fair, and am now on a plane heading to Denver to host an Information Session and participate in the Denver Idealist Fair…. a busy week for me!

I’ve got to say—this time of…

Prospective students sometimes wonder what goes on during a typical week at F&ES.  Here’s a peek into our events from the last few days:

Sept 29 – German Forest Policy between Brussels, Berlin and the Black Forest: Understanding coalition struggles in a multi-level policy arena, Georg Winkel, Ph.D. IFP University of Freiburg, Germany

Sept 29 – Yale Environmental Law Association introductory meeting

Sept 30 – Toward Sustainable Development, Dr. Rajendra Pachuri, IPCC & Yale F&ES

Sept 30 – A Path Forward on Climate & Energy, Dr. Daniel Schrag, Professor & Director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment

Oct 3 – Yale F&ES Student Advisory Committee Town Hall with Dean Peter Crane

Oct 3 – Conversation with Andrew Winston MEM’03, founder of…

This general video describes the history of Yale, outlines the academic offerings and campus life, and highlights some of the Yale graduates and faculty who have made significant contributions to their fields or society.  Yale F&ES is mentioned only briefly, but this video offers some great footage of the campus.  Our headquarters, Kroon Hall, is shown in one of the early aerial shots in the video.  Can you find it?

For students enrolled in the Master of Environmental Management program at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (F&ES), choosing courses is like being a kid in a candy store. The choices are abundant, even wondrous, and F&ES students are curious and interested in a lot of things. But while the plethora of choices is considered a virtue—the M.E.M. offers over 100 electives—their lack of organization has been a frequent source of confusion—until now.

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