Hello from FES!!

I greet you today first and foremost as a first-year FES student at Yale University. I am also a female international student pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Management (MEM). I also happen to be a new team member at the Admissions office here. Throughout the ensuing school year, I will be providing you short tidbits about my experiences here at FES, which I hope will be of some help to you while making important life decisions.

My name is Onon Bayasgalan and I come from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Unless you’ve been to Mongolia, or have other substantial reasons to know about Mongolia, I’d recommend that you dispel or hold off at least half of your pre-conceived notions about Mongolia until you go there yourself! In the very same manner, I am sure that you must have pre-conceived

notions of Yale University, and perhaps this particular School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. You may even have pre-conceived notions of Connecticut as a state and New Haven as a city. Yet again, for better or worse, these opinions of yours may be misguided!

Let me digress a little bit for a sentence or two. My interests are environmental and natural resource economics and policy. I am now taking four fabulous classes in addition to one undergrad literature class that I am auditing (a small indulgence of mine)! I am taking:

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy

Landscapes and Ecosystems

Studies in the Novel: Dosdoevsky (auditing)

I’d like to end this blog by revisiting this notion of erroneous pre-conceived notions. What are some of your notions and judgments of FES, Yale, New Haven and Connecticut? What do you imagine when you think of these entities?

Please feel free to email me at onon.bayasgalan@yale.edu if you’d like to share some of your notions! I would then like to go over some of the most popular opinions and see which ones ring some truth.

Stay inquisitive and adios!