Texts, texts and more texts

Building on Matt’s earlier post, the complement of texts just got more with a second version of the AWG-LCA chair’s text, more intimately referred to as Margaret’s text(http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/2010/awglca13/eng/crp02.pdf), also meant to spur the progress of negotiations, and narrow space between disparate positions.

Having a text is better than not having one. Having a text when your partners do not is the best. However, the situation is just confusing when everyone prepares a text to firm their position, an exercise of self-clarification, reinforcement and ironing-out differences within the group.

It is worthwhile however to note, procedure-wise, texts that are produced without a mandate by parties on consensus can be rejected on a whim.

On a separate note, readings and negotiations on adaptation has started yesterday, based on the text culminating from Tianjin.

(Fingers-crossed on potential confusion by crp02..)