REDD+ Negotiating Text – Now Three Options

The LCA REDD negotiating text contains two options – Option 1 (from Tianjin) and Option 2 (from Copenhagen) .  Most groups thought that Option 2 would likely prevail at the negotiations in Cancun.  Thus, preparations were made to comment on and suggest text as it pertains to Option 2.  However, the Chair’s text (CRP.1) was introduced just prior to the opening of COP-16 in Cancun.  The consensus among most NGOs is that the Chair’s REDD text sets a good starting point, but most are refraining to officially comment until the delegations have indicated which option they wish to pursue.

The groups I am working with are still attempting to incorporate language that includes international demand side drivers and safeguards in all three options.  These organizations are adamant that REDD will not be a success until these international drivers are considered and addressed.  This was further emphasized at the UN REDD Programme’s side event on biodiversity, where Michael Bucki of the European Commission (EC) indicated the importance of international drivers and that the EC will be commencing a study on international drivers in January, to be concluded in May.  This, and the universal support of Partners and Stakeholders of the REDD+ Partnership to prioritize the addressing of international demand side drivers, will hopefully provide the necessary impetus to ensure a successful outcome for REDD.

We will begin to see how this will pan out today with the delegations when the LCA mitigation discussions commence.