Call for flexibility and compromise

Today is the 5th day of negotiation day. However, no significant progress has been made. The biggest news during these days is that Japan said they would never accept 2nd Kyoto period, which almost clanged the death knell of the protocol.
In the drafting group of shared vision for LCA (Long-term Cooperative Action), there is strong reluctance among Annex I countries to work on anything other than Margaret text, which also refers to the chair text. This text, which aims to facilitate the negotiation, actually causes severe controversy among countries because it rejects or weakens the position of developing countries in many key areas. On the other side, developing countries insist the Tianjian negotiation text is the only negotiation basis they would accept. Without even agreeing on a common negotiation basis, no wonder the negotiation stuck.
Even within the developing countries, countries are not showing flexibility. G77+ China is still not able to come up with the draft decision on fast start finance for the group due to divergent positions within the groups. The chair is urging all the countries to compromise. Otherwise, they may not even put a group proposal of fast start finance on the table for further negotiation.
We all know if we want to demonstrate climate negotiation regime still functions, at least some outcomes need to be achieved from Cancun. It is high time for all the countries to show flexibility and work constructively, or Cancun will be nothing more than disappointment.