Which world will it be, world?

I’m here in Cancun working with the international sustainable art organization ARTPORT_making waves. Yesterday my team and I went to Climate Change Village, the official cultural site for COP16, to screen some of the first selections in the film program we’ve put together. The Village, a collection of carnival tents erected along a roadside 13km north of the Moon Palace, is intended to “promote dialogue related to environmental issues amongst non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society.”

But several journalists with whom I’ve talked think the decentralization of the COP16 venue is going to take some fizzle out of what is usually a lively cultural and artistic scene. In fact, at the physical heart of the COP so far seem to be the autoroutes between the Cancun Messe warehouse (where side events are taking place), the Moon Palace (where the negotiations are happening) and the palm-lined strip of the Zona Hotelera.

Still, I was impressed with the work of the students from the Instituto Tepeyac Xcaret and look forward to bringing you more on the COP16, kids, and the arts in the days to come!

Students from the Instituto Tepeyac Xcaret show off their amazingly detailed work. On the left, their dark representation of what the Earth will become if no action is taken on climate change, and to the right, their representation of the eco-friendly world in which they hope to live.