REDD-y for an update already

Attempting to following the REDD negotiations has been aggravating so far.  Yesterday a former negotiator (now NGO member) closely following the debate mirrored my frustration, saying that “no one seems to know anything about what’s going on.”  This mornings negotiations were switched from open to observers to closed, and apparently the SBSTA contact group meeting scheduled this afternoon was either canceled outright or moved to a different location.  The revised text that was supposed to be published at 4 has yet to come out.  Good to know all of this is happening in such an open/transparent manner.

While there are lots of side events, at this point they all fall into at least one of 3 categories:  country presenting on a REDD project case-study, the need for strong social standards, the need for REDD+.  Until something happens in the negotiations, there’s no difference in the way people have been speaking about REDD since Barcelona (over a month ago).

The one potential bright point is that it seems like Indonesia has finally given in to supporting REDD+, so as not to distance itself from China and the G-77 (although we’ll see how much longer that marriage lasts).