Looking to the future….. One little phrase signifies the fate of Copenhagen

We have finally made progress. Hot off the press, here is the final text of the Copenhagen COP agreement.

[to be determined at COP 16]

[to be determined at COP 16]

Binding commitments
[Yes][No][we give up][not before you][you first][bugger off][……to be determined at COP 16]

After an anticlimactic all-night negotiating session last night, which decreased agreement over the LCA text rather than increasing it, and a highly eventful morning, all hope of something coming from this process seems to have been lost. This defeat is now enshrined in the current version of the text, where the simple statement “to be determined at COP 16″ is some of the only unbracketed text. That things have reached this point is tragic, and a completely lost opportunity. Even the experienced negotiators say they have never experienced a stalemate quite this bad. So already, days before the COP is due to finish, people are looking to Mexico.

Meanwhile, disarray in and outside the Bella centre is verging on funny. Except that it isn’t. Even high level ministers were being blocked from entering hte plenary this morning by an overenthusiastic security guard… On the subject of overenthusiastic security, a youth delegate I was talking to had followed a group of peaceful protesters from the centre, only to see them bashed by the Danish police standing outside. Rumours were circulating about water cannons and tear gas – the first time the Danish police have ever considered using them.

That said, it is hard to get a feel for what is happening outside when stuck in the centre. The protests, the real world and anything other than arguments over some recalcitrant brackets seem a very distant reality.

Anyway, just a quick update on what has been happening. Honestly, you will probably all get a better idea watching the news… reliable information, rather than wild rumours, is hard to come by.