COP Session Delayed

Once again Parties are waiting for what seems like forever in Plenary 2 for the COP to begin. It should be working on the texts forwarded from the LCA, which finally held its closing session between 4 and 7am this morning after an all night session. Texts from the LCA were officially finalized and forwarded to be taken up by the COP.

The main hold up last night appeared to revolve around US objections to paragraph 12 of the Chair’s text which read:
“Developed country Parties shall undertake, individually or jointly, legally-binding nationally appropriate mitigation commitments or actions, [including] [expressed as] quantified economy-wide emissions reduction objectives with a view to reducing the collective greenhouse gas emissions of developed country Parties by at least [25-40] [in the order of 30] [40] [45] percent from 1990 levels by 2020.”
The US objected to the use of “shall”, to the 1990 baseline, and to the numbers in the paragraph. After much debate, G77 agreed to the text being reopened for comments and a new draft was prepared that reflects these changes. This is available online at
where you can see the US changes and bracketing in paras 12 and 14.

Right now the high level session happened this morning, but the COP plenary to begin work on the texts from the LCA, scheduled for 10am has still not started at 5pm. It is unclear what, if anything, is happening.